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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 2, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," man hunt. he's the playboy suspect twice arrested in the disappearance of natalee holloway. now he has apparently fled after a young woman was found dead in his hotel room. is he a killer on the run? we have the inside story. a teacher's nightmare. falsely accused of molesting three young girls, including her young daughter, and the shocking case tears a small town in two. she's ready to break her silence and it's an abc news exclusive. and serious barbecue, from lamb chops dripping off the bone to fresh fish cooked to perfection. tiz the season and the coals are hot. the grill master is in to tonight's plate list.
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good evening. the disappearance of natalee holloway, an american teenager who vanished on the island of aruba in 2005, remains unsolved. the suspect from the begin, however, is no mystery. twice, a young man called joran van der sloot was arrested in connection with the case. in fact, two years ago, an undercover video caught him admitting involvement. tonight, he's the subject of an international manhunt, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of another young woman. >> are you guilty? >> reporter: it was five years ago this week, joran van der slo sloot, the infamous suspect in the disappearance of nat alael holloway in aruba became a headline. >> slapped with a lawsuit in new york. >> under arrest. >> now he's back in the news. he's been named the prime suspect in the death of
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21-year-old stephany flores ramirez. she was last seen in the early hours of sunday but turned up dead just this morning in a hotel in peru, and it didn't take police long to name their man. he says dutch citizen joran van der sloot, age 21, has committed the homicide. dutch media reports say flores was beaten and stabbed to death and the scene was a hotel room booked under van der sloot's name. this man said his daughter was last seen with van der sloot. he said i want to ask the national police to keep helping us. i know that my daughter has died, stabbed. i imagine she put up a fight. yehope that authority keep following the tracks and detain him and pay the consequences and hope this crime gets solved. authorities say they believe van der sloot has now fled peru,
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passing through customs in chile. they think he's on the run to argentina. van der sloot's infamy began in 2005. this is surveillance video from a casino in aruba. it shows the moment van der sloot first met natalee holloway. in a remarkable convince dnls, police also have surveillance tapes showing him meeting flores in a casino in peru. holloway's family has never stopped searching for their 18-year-old daughter. >> i know in my heart and i know in my faith in god we're going to find -- we're going to find natalee. >> when she missed her flight home to alabama on her last day of her high school trip to aruba, her mother immediately flew there to begin a search. >> she's approximately 5'5", approximately 110 pounds. >> soon, van der sloot became
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the prime suspect. he was one of the last people seen with holloway. he said she persowed him at a bar, that they did shots together and went to a beach alone. "20/20" anchor chris cuomo sat down with him just one year after natalee vanished. >> she was laying on top of me, kiss, and we were touching each other, and i ended up -- she put her hands in my pants and i put my hands in her pants, and yeah, that's as far as it went. >> no sex? >> no sex. >> no intercourse? >> no. >> why not if you thought that's what she wanted? >> i asked if she wanted to have sex, and she was fine with it. i didn't have a condom with me, though in my wallet, and i thought, i won't have sex with a girl without a condom. >> van der sloot is adamant he last saw her alive on that
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beach, it was getting late and she didn't want to go home. he says he called a friend to pick him up and left holloway right there alone on the beach. >> did you killalee hollow holloway? >> no. >> did you harm natalee holloway? >> no. >> did you help someone else who harmed natalee holloway? >> no. >> did you see her in distress? >> no. >> are you sure about all those answers? >> yes. >> some time between then and now, his answers have changed a lot. peter devries set up a sting with an ex-con who framed van der sloot. they rigged an suv with cameras and let him talk. >> she had her hands down my pants and stuff, and all of a sudden, like a movie, all the things she did. she was shaking. foam out of her mouth?
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>> no, no foam out of her mouth,nic i saw. i think i'm incredibly lucky that she's never been found because if they found that girl, i'm in deep [ bleep ]. you know, if they have a body, they can try to make a case. >> patrick, i'll tell you one thing, i have never discussed this with anyone. >> no? >> it isn't easy, newt even now. >> i know, but there are some things you have to get off your chest sometimes. >> yeah, it's just, she's never going to be found, i think. because they have dumped in the sea? >> yeah. >> yes, alone? >> yes. >> did you swim out or something? >> no. >> how then? that's weird, it's impossible, joran. >> look, i do no people in aruba. at that age, i used to go around with people. people who could help me. still, i would rather not name those people. >> the confession was sent to aruba where authorities reopened
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the investigation but did not rearrest van der sloot. the host of the show spoke with "nightline" about his frustration. >> do you feel the least bit angry or frustrated that the aruban authorities have not been able to act more quickly on the taped confession that you handed to them on a silver platter? >> yes, of course. as a crime reporter, it's always very frustrating when you know that you revealed the truth that the law is not able to act on it. what i personally think is that joran van der sloot will get caught very soon. i think in a couple of days, maybe in two weeks. and he is making up his story right now, i think. but it will be very difficult to escape from this. >> meanwhile, stephany's friends say they're not only shocked at her death but that such a famous fugitive may be involved. >> i was devastated.
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i heard the day before that she was missing, so i knew something was wrong. but i just didn't expect to hear that. you know? she died in such a horrible way. >> for "nightline," i'm ashleigh banfield in new york. >> a man hunt we'll all be watching closely. and there will be much more tomorrow on good morning america. when we come back, a scandalous trial splits a town in two, and the kindergarten teacher wrongly called a child molester is finally ready to break her silence. it's an abc news exclusive. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does elmer fudd have trouble with the letter r? elmer: shhhh, be very quiet; i'm hunting wabbits. director (o/c): ok cut!!!!'s i'm hunting "rabbits," elmer. let's try that again. elmer: shhhh, i'm hunting wabbits.
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she was charged with 22 counts of child molestation. one of the victims, her own daughter. who along with a second child was taken away from tanya craft and put into the custody of a former husband. the case literally tore a town into two, but then a jury cleared her of wrong doing and now she's finally ready to tell her story. steve osunsami has or exclusive report. >> do you promise to tell the truth. >> it was the end of a month long trial that turned so ugly, it was dividing this small town in georgia in two. >> i'm here because i have been falsely accused. >> don't you know that you have a right to sit there and make them prove every element of their case? >> yes. >> tanya craft was taking the stand to defend herself. >> don't you know that they're supposed to not have to hear from you?
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>> yes. >> don't you know you have a right to remain silent? >> this former kindergarten teacher was accused of sexually abusing her young daughter and two other students at her school. >> how do you know she's lying? her lips are moving. lie after lie after lie. >> there's a reason you wanted to take the stand. >> because i did absolutely nothing wrong, and i knew when i stood up for the verdict that i want today have done everything i could do to prove my innocent. >> she said her troubles started with a ring at the door on may 30th, two years ago. >> the detectives came to my home, and he said, well, there are some things that people have said that you have touched some children in appropriately. >> she called us and told us that the worst thing in the world that you could ever imagine had happened and to get there as fast as we can because they had threatened to come and arrest her and we didn't want the children to see their mother
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taken off in handcuffs and put in a police car. >> that's when my daughter and son gault in a car. i didn't realize that would be the last time i would see them. >> the prosecutors accused her of molesting the three girls during sleep-overs she held in her home when the kids were in kindergarten, first, and second grades. tanya's friends firmly believed in her innocence. >> it scares me to have children in my home for my child to have a sleepover guest. it could be anyone. >> on the other side, her ex-husband, and a tight knit of area families. >> a kindergarten teacher, a woman. >> that's not supposed to happen. >> the accusers doesn't want to talk with "nightline," but one supporter did. >> it doesn't make sense. >> six parents and three children all testified against her at the child. >> i asked my daughter if tanya touched her.
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>> i'll never forget the look on her face or in her eyes zrb s. she stopped everything she did and looked me in the eyes and said i know it, dad. >> her own daughter testified, too. even though thoirts had recor d ed hours of debriefs they couldn't produce a recording of the moment they claim the children accuse tanya craft of abuszing them. >> you didn't put her in the cameras and document what she was telling you, did you? >> no, i did not. >> and you didn't turn on the tape recorder and get a witness in there to watch this happen, did you? >> there was already a witness in there. that's why i didn't. >> according to their testimony, their depositions and their interviews that we had access to that my name was not brought up by the children. it was brought up by the parents. >> is there any point in the trial that was the most difficult for you? >> when my daughter was on the stand, absolutely. i have no doubt that she has been manipulated by her father.
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she said that her mommy had put medicine on her bottom, which is exactly true, yes i did, because she had stomach problems and diarrhea. then she said that her daddy told her that her mommy had lied to the police, that her mommy had lied for a lot of people. >> craft believes this all started years earlier when she and one of the mothers who testified found their two young daughters in a room playing what looked like a game of doctor. >> the mother had told these other parents about that situation. and my thought is when they're there, you know, they were like, mm, well, remember a long time ago, and tanya's daughter did this and this. it must be tanya's daughter and because it must be tanya's daughter, it must be tanya. >> things grew worse when craft scolded the second of the victims. >> she and another girl were saying things to my daughter and i heard it. i talked to them about it.
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that was the last time that the child or the child's mother spoke to me. at school, anywhere. it was just kind of a perfect storm. i had a -- an ex-husband who it was not a good situation. and then you have some other parents that there's just this very, very dramatic ending of a friendship. >> somebody, somehow, they have been convinced -- >> as the heated trial drew to a close, the jury took a day and a half. >> and i remember standing before the jury came in. and i knew that if i walked through the door to the left, that i was going home. if i walked to the door the the right, i was going to prison. >> we, the jury, find the defendant count number one, not guilty. count number two, not guilty. >> but it wasn't until i heard the 22nd one. it was almost like, your entire
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two years of emotions just -- >> count number 22, not guilty. >> you could breathe. >> the state has yet to return her children. you're hoping with this hearing that by the end of this hearing, you have custody again. >> i want my children back in the home, my home, where they belong. where they were, where they were healthy and happy. >> when you get in a room alone with joyour daughter, is there anything in particular you haven't been able to say thus far? >> there will never be a day that goes by that i don't tell her that i love her because you take things for granted, and i always did tell her that that's just like the day that she left and i didn't get to say good-bye. i just want to look her in the face and hold her little cheeks and tell her that i love her. i always have and always will. >> for "nightline," i'm steve osunsami, tennessee. >> tanya craft is now suing her
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e-husband, the parentsthe aaccusers, the counselors, and the county government for $25 million. it's not out of bitterness or vengeance but a desire to protect others from the same false accusations. when we come back, we turn to matters of the stomach and the barbecue. we fire up the grill for tonight's platealist. people get excited about tomorrow. i love yesterday. yesterday holds the answers. on a smarter planet, we can compare trillions of pieces of data about the past with what is happening now to help anticipate infectious disease, potential blackouts, when a delivery will arrive. i use the past to predict the future. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet.
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americans sure do love their barbecue. favorite fish, meats, and vegetables, braised, broils, seared, and savered, and now that grilling season is under way, we checked in with a real pro. adam perry lang is tonight's plate list. >> one of the reasons why i think i love butchering and meat so much is not because i like to cut up animals, but my mother would take me to this butcher shop in long island. every time i would come in, they would give me a piece of baloney. it was a magic place that seemed right. there's something chemical about it. first thing you do is break up some herbs. in this case, marjoram, onion powder, garlic salt, pepper, olive oil and put the chops in.
11:59 pm
and you really just kind of work it in. let it sit there for like two hours. don't sweat the flames. flames happen. these look beautiful. you have a lot of flavor on these babies. take the lamb chops, you should hear a sizzle. another trick i do is take a brick and wrap it with foil, place it on top. it's going to crate more pressure on top of the lamb. i take a bundle of herbs, any herbs, sage, rose mary, and oregano and baste the lamb. then i create a drising. salt and a garling clove and work it into the cutting board. lemon zest, lemon juice, chopped red onion or shallots, add olive oil, want to cut fresh herbs into it, then you take the lamb, it's still sizzling. put it right into that. you're good to go. this is an amazing recipe. guaranteed success.
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sunday morning breakfast, it was a ritual. i would get up, get my father, and we would go to a french place and it was exotic. that was exotic back then to get all the pet afores and make hash brown potatoes and put them in a paper bag. it was like a whole ritual. i loved it, the sundays were the thing. and the food wasn't over the top. but it was really like a time where the family got together and it was just special. >> i'm going to make a compound butter or flavored butter. start with lemon zest, chopped garlic, dill. just rough chop this. this is all about the flavor. don't worry about the finesse. it's not necessary. take some softens butter, just like that. just a touch of lemon juice for acidity.
12:01 am
it's a great, great thing to do. take your fish fillet, place it on top of the board and take this, place it on top. use your fingers, don't be afraid to spread it on. it smells great, amazing. going to take the lid, let it cook. all right, seven minutes later, here we are. it's looking beautiful. i'm going to take a little bit of paprika toward the end, dill, olive oil to keep it moist, and cover it up again for a couple minutes. five to seven minutes later, look at this. this is perfection. i love it. it's easy. easy to do. awesome. i'm obsessed with learning, knowledge, the addiction of the kitchen, the divide, the buzz, everything about being in a restaurant kitchen. it's a place of real comfort for me. i have made some of the best friends of my life in the
12:02 am
kitchen because you know you're in there in the trenches and you're fighting it out. the thing i love most about it is really getting in that zone and getting total stuff dumped on you and working your way out of it. and not only working your way out of it but making things incredible. i didn't even flinch. you notice that, right. >> nothing better than an all-american barbecue. and when we come back, the perfect game that should have been but first, here is jimmy kimmel. jimmy? >> tonight, jake gyllenhaal, the new "dancing with the stars" champi cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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